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At 10/29/2005 10:59:00 PM,

Dear friend ,

My name is Roy Milchard . I'm 35 and a jewish man . I live in Iran . My father had migrated to Iran when I was just a baby because they needed to have a calm place to live with family ... But as you know the situation and our life in Iran is getting worse day by day , specially after winning of Ahmadinejad as new presedent of Iran and the government bother us so much ... I and 10 of my close friends made a group named "Glory Judaism" about 2 years ago , to propagation of judaism amoung some of our muslim friends who loved to know about our religion and it's facts ... We decided to begin our work very carefuly and secret because it is so gangerious to propgate of judaism in Iran . Some of governmental forces are so serious to kill jewishes who do such activitis in Iran , but we had no political aims at all . I and my friends swear to do this job to show the relities and interests of our religion amoung the good mulims whom we knew and were interested ... But unfortunately after about 18 months , one of our muslim neighbours , reported the time and place of our meeting to the police and thanks God we found out it . I and some of my friends succeeded to run away , but our life got a real nightmare since then . We all had to live alone far from our fiends and we couldn't return home because it was always under control .
We are not politic men ! We just wanted to introduce our religion with peace and they threated us like beasts .
As we understood the secret emissaries of the ministry of information of Iran , have killed two of our friends . They just said they were contrabandists of opium and they are killed in ploce attacks when they were dealing! It's a funny story because I know it was the only reason that the poor guys wanted to act as their religion ! They were not even politic men ! The secret police of Iran said that they must be buried without any sound ! and tehy did so .
After that I changed my place and took care more , but about two months ago I found out via one of my friends that they have plans to kill all of us one by one and even they arbitrated to kill us in their damn secret revolution court . After hearing their plan I did my best to get out of Iran , but unfortunately I and my friends have very serious financial problems for now . Most of my friends are patient though they fear to go to hospitals and we don't have enough money to satisfy good doctors to take care of them and not to report our places to the police . I met a friend of mine who knows our story . He said to me that it is possible for him to make unreal passports for all of us and transfer us outside Iran ; but he asked 50,000 USD to make documents for all of us and getting out of iran to an european country without problem . I know he is able to save us all because it's his job to make such documents and he knows many friends in Iranian government . But all of them get money to do this job . He was the one who made me aware of court arbitration , but we are not able to anything more without money .
For now every seconds takes a year for all of us ! We all are scared since then I saw the document that shows they want to kill us silently one by one .
I can't go to work and even to bank , I just can send you a bank account information of my friend who can receive the money for us .
I don't know if you can financial support us to get rid of this situation or not . But you will be our last chance to save our life .
I know we are not politic men , but we raly need your help and support for now .
I hope you are able to send us some money to help us . In our situation even 1Cent will be so useful to save our life .
Waiting for your kind reply .
Glory Judaism
Roy Milchard 

Posted by Roy



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