Aliyah resources - prepare your immigration to Israel

every jewish person in the world has a birth-right to immigrate to Israel and become an Israeli citizen. you get your Israeli passport as soon as you land in Israel !
hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world have gone through this process in recent years.
using the internet, this process can now be well prepared in advance, from employment, through registering your kids to school to meeting other immigrants or Israelis. the following resources can help you make your Aliyah as simple as possible:
1. Nefesh B'Nefesh - the best Aliyah portal
2. Kumah organization
3. Israel Diary - stories of "old" Olim
4. Jewish Agency - Aliyah Center
5. Ministry of Immigrant Absorption - a complete government ministry dedicated to Aliyah
6. Aliyah Pages - computer jobs in Israel and other resources

Some of the resources are meant for more religious jews, but be aware that there is a big movement of secular jews who immigrate to Israel - mostly enjoying the economical opportunities and vibrant culture.


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